03/05/24 Your Money Matters Mortgage Insights - Affordable Interest Mortgage

03/05/24 Your Money Matters Mortgage Insights

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03/05/24 Your Money Matters Mortgage Insights


In this week’s 3/5/24 episode of Your Money Matters Radio Show on 560AM KLZ, I talk about how you can use the equity in your home to make the necessary updates in your home that will help you love your home and not have to move. Homes have appreciated upwards of 6-7% in 2023 so if you like your neighborhood and don’t want to have to move, I can help you explore your mortgage refinance options.

Hello, I’m Kurt Rogers, Managing Broker at Affordable Interest Mortgage and I am seeing the trend of homeowners upgrading their existing home, in many cases because there just isn’t enough supply of homes in the market to meet demand and the inability to find what they want.

My Hot Topic of the week for 3/5/24 is captured in this 6-minute segment of the MORTGAGE INSIGHTS Podcast episode – it’s all about upgrading your home and using your home’s equity. VA, FHA, and Conventional all have specific loan programs that may be a good fit for your circumstances. The average homeowner has upwards of 35-40% equity in their home and with a mortgage refinance, the finished value of the home after the upgrades is considered. You’ll save money and personalize your home the way you want it.

Listen to the 3/5/24 6-Minute Mortgage Insights Podcast:



  1. AIM’S recent Growth & Expansion now serves 12 states and offers 38 Lenders with the most amazing loan programs. Affordable Interest Mortgage is now serving these 12 states: Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming, Kansas, Texas, Illinois, California, Indiana, Tennessee, Missouri, Florida, and Ohio.
  2. We have expanded from 11 Lenders to 38 Lenders to offer a multitude of loan programs. In many cases, even better rates, faster service, more amazing First Time Home Buyer Loans, Fix & Flip Loans, Renovation Loans for First Time Home Buyers and Investors – all these options are worth exploring!
  3. We’re now also offering Land Loans and Commercial Loans with 5 units or more. There’s so many incredible opportunities available. I’d love to explore them with you!

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Be sure to tune in every Tuesday at Noon – 1PM on 560AM KLZ for The Your Money Matters Radio Show, you can listen at www.klzradio.com. I am proud to be the exclusive Mortgage Broker for The Haystack Help Radio Home Team!

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