04/02/24 Your Money Matters Mortgage Insights - Affordable Interest Mortgage

04/02/24 Your Money Matters Mortgage Insights

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04/02/24 Your Money Matters Mortgage Insights

What’s TOP OF MIND with Homeowners right now? I provide the answer and the SOLUTIONS to the problem on Your Money Matters Radio Show 4/2/24 episode:

“With the Feds holding off on lowering interest rates, and we’re seeing property tax increases of 20-40%, along with homeowners insurance rising 20-30%, what can we do to lower our monthly outflow of money?”

Hello, I’m Kurt Rogers, Managing Broker at Affordable Interest Mortgage and I have been helping my clients in this situation save $700-$1400 a month. Tune in to listen how, it just takes 9-minutes of your time to listen in.

Listen to the 4/2//24 13-Minute Mortgage Insights Podcast:



  1. AIM’S recent Growth & Expansion now serves 12 states and offers 38 Lenders with the most amazing loan programs. Affordable Interest Mortgage is now serving these 12 states: Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming, Kansas, Texas, Illinois, California, Indiana, Tennessee, Missouri, Florida, and Ohio.
  2. We have expanded from 11 Lenders to 38 Lenders to offer a multitude of loan programs. In many cases, even better rates, faster service, more amazing First Time Home Buyer Loans, Fix & Flip Loans, Renovation Loans for First Time Home Buyers and Investors – all these options are worth exploring!
  3. We’re now also offering Land Loans and Commercial Loans with 5 units or more. There’s so many incredible opportunities available. I’d love to explore them with you!

Affordable Interest Mortgage – Powered by IMB #2191655. NMLS 217147. Equal Opportunity Lender.

Be sure to tune in every Tuesday at Noon – 1PM on 560AM KLZ for The Your Money Matters Radio Show, you can listen at www.klzradio.com. I am proud to be the exclusive Mortgage Broker for The Haystack Help Radio Home Team!

Call (720) 895-0500. www.aimortgage.net

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