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Asset Manager Liquid Loan

Many customers have never heard of this loan, yet it has been around since 1965 but did not come to the United States until 1999. The loan is actually a simple interest loan to use and allows the consumer to pay less interest on their home, own their home faster, and have access to the equity in their home for 30 years, (even after it’s paid off). All of this can be done without changing ONE PENNY of their current spending habits. AIM has been one of only a few select Mortgage Brokers offering this loan since 2006. We have hundreds of satisfied clients that have saved more money than they thought possible.

If you are interested in learning how the loan works, call Kurt Rogers or any one or our Loan Officers. They will walk you through the loan with the help of a spreadsheet, which allows you to insert your own numbers and personalize the Asset Manager to your own household budget. Most have a hard time believing how much can be saved in interest payments, all without changing ONE PENNY of their current spending habits. No obligation and no pressure. Seeing your own budget numbers in action will make it clear if this loan product is right for you. Make the call and let’s talk.

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