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Home Loan Types in Littleton, CO: FHA Loans, VA Loans, Conventional Mortgage Loans & Custom Mortgage Loan Services

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Frequently Asked Questions About Loan Types

  • Securing FHA Loans in Littleton

    FHA home loans have been helping people realize their dream of home ownership since 1934. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insures the loan so your home loan lender can offer you low down payments, low closing costs, and less restrictive credit qualifying.

  • Secure the Benefits of VA Loans

    VA loans are some of the safest mortgage loans on the market, as they come with no money down and are easier to qualify for than a traditional loan. Further, VA loans can even be refinanced should you ever need to down the road.

  • Conventional Home Loans in Littleton

    Conventional home loans are the standard in Littleton, and the details are usually upfront and transparent. However, seeking the help of professionals is always wise, and AIM can ensure you’re getting the absolute best rate in town.

  • Scoring Jumbo Loans in Littleton

    A jumbo loan is a bit more complex, as they are usually reserved for buyers who are trying to build or buy a luxury home. Due to the significant nature of the investment, jumbo loans require better credit ratings and access to assets that can be made liquid quickly.

  • Locking Up Asset Manager Liquid Loans

    Affordable Interest Mortgage makes sure you get the most for your liquid assets, helping you lock up the best mortgage loan terms possible. If you’ve got a lot of liquid assets, or assets that can easily be turned into cash, AIM can secure you great rates in Littleton.

  • 10 – 30 Year Mortgage Terms

    When you work with licensed loan specialists, you get the best mortgage loan terms for your situation. Deciding to go with a 10 year term means larger monthly payments, but you’ll end up paying way less interest over time. 30 year terms reduce the burden of your monthly payments, but keep in mind you will end up spending more money over the life of the loan.

  • Fixed & Adjustable Rate Loans

    There are several different ways to go when it comes to loan rates, and AIM has the experts to help determine what works best for your situation. Fixed rates will give you long-term stability, while adjustable rates will fluctuate, largely dependent on market forces.

  • Custom Mortgages for Littleton Clients

    A custom mortgage is the way to go for many potential homeowners, as the home loan lender better understands your financial situation. Adjustable Interest Mortgage ensures you get a loan drawn up to meet your needs, easing your financial future.

  • Reverse Mortgage Options

    Older homeowners need to know their options when it comes to reverse mortgages. A Reverse mortgage helps you utilize the inherent value of your home, freeing up funds for home improvement or other needs. Whatever your specific needs are, having extra cash every month is a massive benefit.

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