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Frequently Asked Questions About Loan Types

  • FHA Is the Way to Go

    Obtaining the proper financial security to buy your future Longmont home can be a challenge. However, it doesn't have to be with FHA loans. With lower interest rates and lower down payments than most loans, you're sure to be asking yourself, why wouldn't I opt for an FHA loan from AIM?

  • For Our Veterans Living in Longmont, We've Got You Covered

    With so much respect for our brave Longmont veterans, we're happy to present to soldiers our VA loans. You'll be excited to learn that your credit score carries zero weight and there's no down payment required. Our home loan lenders look solely at your income to determine how much you're able to borrow.

  • Superior Credit? Go With Our Conventional Loans

    We've found that our conventional mortgage loans have become an excellent option for so many Longmont customers. Whether you're ready to explore a non-conforming or conforming conventional loan, it's best to talk to one of our experts for a better understanding. However, it's important to note that a government agency does not back our conventional loans.

  • Nothing Is Out of Reach With Our Jumbo Loans

    Are you tired of driving past your Longmont dream home for sale and just writing it off as 'someday, but not now'? Well, with the help of our team and a jumbo loan, you could be moving into your dream home sooner than you thought. Our home loan lenders simply require cash reserves and liquid assets to back up your future loan in Longmont with no mortgage requirement.

  • Use Your Previous Investments as A Way to Buy Your Next Home

    Many investors in Longmont are happy to learn that their investment portfolio can now be used as collateral to back up their loan. You no longer need cash in hand, which makes many of our clients have an easier loan process.

  • Turn To Our 10 – 30 Year Terms Loans as So Many Others Do

    10 – 30 year term loans are common among the Longmont community. Our customers enjoy that this option gives them a fixed interest rate, so they never have to worry about their payment going up. This helps to create a consistent mortgage payment without any surprise. Not to mention, after the 10 years are up, you'll be able to pay your Longmont mortgage off in full if you have the funds to do so.

  • What Works Best for You?

    Many Longmont homeowners struggle to determine if a fixed or adjustable rate loan is right for them. Our fixed rates allow your interest rate to never go up or down. Whereas our adjustable rates fluctuate with what the interest rate is at the moment. Therefore, you can be lowering your payment, but if the rates are higher, you could be paying more.

  • We Help You Lock in Your Interest Rates

    We're confident our Longmont customers will appreciate the peace of mind our rate guarantee brings. We ensure that your interest rate is fixed for 120 days before your closing date. So, if for some reason, the percentage on your current loan goes up because of our rate guarantee, yours stays the same.

  • We Fit Your Needs With Our Customized Loan

    No Longmont homeowner is the same. That's why at Affordable Interest Mortgage, our team is happy to bring you a custom mortgage that fits your needs. After months of searching for the perfect loan and coming up empty handed, the search is now over. We take you through all of the options and explain them in ways that are easy to understand.

  • Are You Ready to Reverse Your Mortgage?

    Our reverse mortgage lets you use the equity you've acquired within your Longmont home to live mortgage free. However, there are many regulations for this kind of loan. It's best to talk to one of our professionals at AIM for clarification on whether this option is possible for you. Not to mention, taxes, homeowner insurance, and normal upkeep on your property are still your responsibility.

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