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Frequently Asked Questions About Loan Types

Unlike your typical loans, it’s important to note that a government agency does not back our conventional loans. With some home loan lenders making exceptions with nonconforming conventional loans, it’s vital to check both conforming and nonconforming loans thoroughly. These mortgage loans are often preferred among the Colorado community but require a minimum of a 620 credit score.

You can now use your previous investments to secure an asset manager-liquid loan. We know you worked hard for all your successes, and we make it easy to now use your investment portfolio to back up your loan.

Have you proudly served in the military? Are you in the process of looking for the right home loan? With no down payment required, you can borrow as much as your income will allow you to with our VA loans. Not to mention, your credit score carries no weight in the process.

Are you tired of not securing financing just because of your credit score? Well, thanks to AIM, we provide customers in Colorado with FHA loans. You can now purchase your home with lower interest rates and lower down payments.

You no longer have to think your dream home is out of your price range. With our jumbo loans for Colorado customers, you can now have the finances you need to purchase that dream property. The great thing about this option is that there’s no mortgage requirement. However, our home loan lenders do require cash reserves and liquid assets to back your loan.

By using the equity that you have in your home, you can live in your Colorado property without worrying about mortgage payments. However, taxes, homeowner insurance, and the upkeep of your residence are still your responsibility and must meet FHA approved requirements.

One of the more typical home loans in Colorado is our 10 – 30 year term loans. This option allows our customers to keep a fixed interest rate, which maintains a constant mortgage payment. After the ten years, you’ll have the opportunity to pay off in full, with little percentage and likely no penalties.

Depending on your needs and goals, some are better off with a fixed rate while others may benefit greatest from an adjustable rate. We listen to you, and we’ll design a solution based on your preferences, situation, and goals.

Our rate guarantee loans ensure that your interest rate is fixed for 120 days before your closing date. If, for some reason, the rates increase within that time, you’ll still get the fixed rate you initially anticipated, which helps you save money.

Our home loan lenders can create a personalized loan to better fit your financial situation. This option has helped many of our customers in Colorado after searching and failing to find a loan that fits their needs.

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