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Our Experience will Save You Money

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Our Experience will Save You Money

How can I make that statement?

Well, it starts with over 22 Years in the Mortgage Industry.  Investing one’s time that much in one industry you learn a lot, especially if you survived the 2008 Mortgage Meltdown.  You learn what works best for your clients and what doesn’t.  How to listen and ask the questions needed to provide your client with the right loan from the right lender with the least amount of stress and cost.  

Most of my staff have been with me for those 20+ years.  They have the same work ethics – The Customer comes first.  

When we are asked to help someone with a mortgage, we want to know our clients’ desires.  We provide not just the lowest rate with the least cost, but the right loan with the right lender.  There are many choices in loan product but also the final investor that is going to service that loan.  We will ask questions like, how long do you plan on maintaining the home as either your primary, investment or secondary.   On a new purchase, do you want to pay off the home faster, put less money down and keep the cash for things around the home or on a refinance do you want to take advantage of your equity and lower your payment and pay off debt or have cash for future home improvements.  Not knowing our clients’ desires could cost them later.  

We feel we are obligated to offer more than one option in financing a home.  There are many loan programs that may fit the client’s desire that the client may be unaware.  We have loans that will allow you to pay less interest, not change your current spending habits and that allow you access to your equity for 30 years, or loans where you can lower your payment – not extend your term if you choose to put $10,000 + towards your payoff.     

Our compensation is set by the lender, whether it’s a 30 Year Fixed or a 5 Year ARM, whether the rate is 5% or 6%, we are not compensated more.  So, our focus is on the right product for the client.  Sometimes the client will have a desire for a mortgage that we don’t offer.  It is our fiduciary responsibility that we take seriously, so we will refer the client to the lender that offers that product.  

 Our primary responsibility is to listen to our clients.  Offer them the product that fits their desire and finances and provide them with the knowledge necessary to make the right choice.  We will also make sure that we are transparent throughout the process, keeping the client informed of the status of their loan.  We are not here just to do loans; we are here to serve our clients to the best of our ability, now and in the future.  

Throughout 20+ years of serving clients, we have learned that by serving the clients we will save them more money and time with less stress in the mortgage process.

Go to our website and see some of the reviews and you will know that when we say “It’s all about you” is not just our motto, it’s who we are.

Call Affordable Interest Mortgage @ 720-895-0500 and let us help you save time and money.

Disclosures:  NMLS 298191, Regulated by Dora, Equal Credit Lender AZ NMLS MB1021756, WY MBL 4594

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