At Affordable Interest Mortgage, we specialize in offering down payment assistance for buying properties in Colorado. With over two decades of experience in the mortgage industry, we can help you purchase a single family home, a condo, or any other type of property without having to worry about putting down a huge down payment. From arranging down payment assistance programs to keeping the entire documentation process paperless, we’ve carved our position as one of the finest mortgage brokerage services in Colorado. Known for our expertise by our clientele, you can trust us to deliver on our promises.

Looking for Down Payment Assistance in Colorado?

We can help you find down payment assistance for buying residential properties in Colorado. From arranging grants that never have to be repaid, securing down payment loans that are paid monthly with your primary mortgage, to finding forgivable loans that only have to be repaid if you sell your property, move or refinance quite early, we are a one stop down payment assistance solution in Colorado. We offer first home buyers down payment assistance and also offer a USDA option for clients that are unable to put forth a large down payment amount.

Get New Home Down Payment Loans in Colorado by Consulting AIM

With Colorado ’s housing market being highly competitive, home shoppers with little to no reserve of savings for down payments struggle with buying a home. This is why we offer you down payment assistance, which ultimately helps in reducing your mortgage payment and loan amount. Plus, we help you buy a home in a shorter period. The process of securing favorable mortgage options can be difficult, which is why our service provides you with new home down payment loans. Available for first time home buyers and buyers with low to moderate income, our down payment assistance program helps you buy a property.

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Affordable Interest Mortgage’s Mission Statement is:

To continually serve our clients to the best of our abilities. In addition to being a BBB A+ rated company, member of the Tom Martino Referral Network and Haystack of Colorado, we accomplish this in three ways. By giving them the respect and the effort required to earn their business and receive recommendations. By offering them a variety of products, knowledge, and transparency in the process. And ultimately leaving them with the assurance that we are grateful for the opportunity.

23:28 04 Nov 22
We are very pleased with the Asset Manager. It has allowed us to use equity to buy two investment homes, make some home improvements and help with miscellaneous expenses. Even with utilizing the equity as much as we have, we have been able to pay down the mortgage more quickly, and at a lower interest rate than other options. I love having all of our income go straight into the asset manager to decrease the balance faster. Our experience with Bob and Kurt has been amazing. They explain very well how the tool works, and that the asset manager is a great tool for some, but not all. There have been no surprises since we started our asset manager over 3 years ago. Also, our experience with Northpointe Bank has been great as well. There customer service has been outstanding.
Robert JibsonRobert Jibson
20:19 04 Nov 22
Love the Asset Manager mortgage. With my old mortgage (even at 2.65% 15 year) I was aggressively paying it off. It would have been paid off in 5-6 years. My loan will be paid off in December less than 2 years after going to the asset manager mortgage. I didn't get a raise I didn't do anything differently this product is amazing!!
Travis GroverTravis Grover
19:57 04 Nov 22
Kurt did a great job explaining the asset manager loan to me and my wife.I use the loan to pay for a family car and do things that I wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. Honestly, I’m living above my means right now, but I think in the long run the asset manager loan will help me pay off my house faster by allowing me to make small investments that I wouldn’t have done otherwise.It’s nice to have access to the equity in my house whenever I need it.
Charmagne HaradaCharmagne Harada
15:39 06 Oct 22
To Whom It May Concern,Our Asset Manager Mortgage has been a wonderful opportunity for our family. As I earn my PMHNP degree, the ability to work hours has been limited. This mortgage has allowed me to attend school, focus on my studies, and not worry about making money at this time. We appreciate the freedom we have because of this mortgage. We could not have done this without Kurt and his amazing team at Affordable Interest Mortgage!Kind regards, Char
Christopher StummChristopher Stumm
15:36 04 Oct 22
Our experience has been the most satisfying of any we have had previously with any lender. Kurt and his staff are responsive and helpful with all of our questions and made the process incredibly easy. It has worked exactly as advertised. Having the access to our home equity has made our lives so much less stressful with the ability to repay at such an accelerated rate. I would highly recommend the Asset Manager product to everybody.
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