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Thank you for the 5-star google reviews!

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I am humbled and grateful for these recent 5-Star Google Reviews from my clients. It’s a privilege to serve them and I welcome the opportunity to serve you with any questions or mortgage needs.

Charmagne Harada: Our Asset Manager Mortgage has been a wonderful opportunity for our family. As I earn my PMHNP degree, the ability to work hours has been limited. This mortgage has allowed me to attend school, focus on my studies, and not worry about making money at this time. We appreciate the freedom we have because of this mortgage. We could not have done this without Kurt and his amazing team at Affordable Interest Mortgage!

Cindy Gitre: Kurt Rogers from Affordable Interest Mortgage and his team were very helpful and thorough in helping us through the details of our new mortgage.

Robert Seydel: My wife and I have the Asset Manager and truly enjoy the loan. We are paying our home off faster but also have the access to equity when we need it. Thank you!

Andrew Regan: Having just completed my 2nd loan with AIM I can attest to the professional and comforting process they put forward to their clients. Kurt, Heather, and Diana make a daunting and emotional process feel less so (hard to take that out completely), at least the aspects they can control. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a lender that communicates well and makes you feel at ease through the process.

Linda Howard: They are helpful, and communication is great! This loan transition has changed our lives. Kurt was always available to help and answer my many questions. Wonderful to work with.

Kevin Hartig: Great communications and attention. Asset Manager loan is a great financial tool.

Terri Rush: I love the Asset Manager Loan. My loan is paid off and it worked as promised.

Robert Murphy: Well, the procedure to set up the Asset Manager loan was easy! The main feature, beyond simple interest and putting all our money to work, is the bill pay service and notifications we completely control. Eliminated our check writing!

David Kieta: This product has changed the game. This is the best mortgage. And Kurt and his team are always helpful. I recommend this to all my friends.

Christopher Stumm: Our experience has been the most satisfying of any we have had previously with any lender. Kurt and his staff are responsive and helpful with all of our questions and made the process incredibly easy. It has worked exactly as advertised. Having the access to our home equity has made our lives so much less stressful with the ability to repay at such an accelerated rate. I would highly recommend the Asset Manager product to everybody.

Bob Mesler: If you’re looking for a home mortgage Kurt Rodgers at Affordable Interest Mortgage is who you should call. Kurt will listen to your financial goals the tailor a mortgage to your needs. He also stays in touch to ensure your satisfied.


If you would like to learn more about any of the great mortgage loan options that my clients have spoken about, call me and we can discuss which one is best suited for your own personal circumstances. I have been in the Customer Satisfaction Business since 1977. In 2001, I founded Affordable Interest Mortgage, a full-service residential mortgage brokerage company in Colorado, Arizona, and Wyoming to offer residential mortgage loan products and investment tools. I have been helping clients plan for and react to this type of market change involving their home and their finances. My passion and energy are always focused on sharing knowledge and educating consumers about the latest news and updates affecting the mortgage industry and thus their finances.

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