With interest rates on the rise how do you get the best mortgage rate - Affordable Interest Mortgage

With interest rates on the rise how do you get the best mortgage rate

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With interest rates on the rise how do you get the best rate? Take AIM, Affordable Interest Mortgage!

Did you know that when you get cash out or your FICO score is below a 740, or your financing a condo versus a single family home that it will cost you more in rate and fees. Many lenders are charging more! STOP paying it. At Affordable Interest Mortgage, we have lenders that don’t charge.

Are you trying to purchase a second home or is your loan amount considered a high balance or jumbo? There they go again, charging you more. Let us show you a loan that doesn’t charge more.

Seeing a low rate but not reading the small print only to realize all the extra costs and fees, again STOP. Quit paying fees and closing costs that are unnecessary, get a low rate without all the extra costs. Let us show you how to save thousands by taking AIM, Affordable Interest Mortgage. 

I have been in the Customer Satisfaction Business since 1977. In 2001, I founded Affordable Interest Mortgage, a full-service residential mortgage brokerage company in Colorado and Arizona to offer residential mortgage loan products and investment tools. 

For over 2 decades, my passion and energy has been focused on finding the right custom-fit mortgage financing solution for all my clients. A mortgage is a big decision and can be used as a powerful financial tool with the right guidance and strategies that my company offers. 

Call me today to explore your mortgage options (720) 895-0500. 

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